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  • Billybobcesspool: Sucking up to Warrbucks (video)

    In this video Billybobcesspool aka Eric Cisar 
    admits that he got doxed.

    then he turns around and plays the sympathy card with warrbucks

    then warrbucks indicates he isn't playing the game anymore and billybobcesspool starts trying to nurse off warrbucks dick LOL

    then at the end he calls him SIR



  • "MichelleStacy" Dox (Pwned)

    I present to the internet a woman who calls herself "MichelleStacy"
    She is a wicked and vile person to everybody.
    Here is her Dox.
    Well this is not going to go well then is it.

    First let's see what the name brings up.


    Here is "MichelleStacy's" myspace page.

    This is not looking good "MichelleStacy"

  • Is Scuttlebutt a pedophile?

    you decide, I personally think this is seriously crossing the line.

    so Scuttlebutt searches online for a small childs picture that he can use to push his agenda, then he saves the picture and loads it into his mspaint, then he spends an hour positioning warrbucks head on the picture, then he decides to make a pedophiliac joke in an attempt to impress his chat room. 

    what the fuck is wrong with this guy?

    I think he gets off on talking about this subject matter 24 hours a day

    btw scuttlebutt you can't delete pictures you uploaded with your own chatango account. 

    what do you think? I think Scuttlebutt is a full blow pedophile.
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